Preschool Brunch Tradition

Mia goes to a preschool (that Zoe also attended for the past 3 years) where they celebrate seasons but not holidays. One of the highlights of the year is when each preschool class hosts a brunch. Each child gets to invite one special guest. They go all out to prepare decorations and food and to welcome their special guests.

Here’s Mia this morning, all ready for starting her brunch day.


I was honored to be Mia’s special guest.


Just to include a little stroke-related observation, here’s Mia eating her yogurt parfait. Note how she is using the spoon with lefty and keeping the cup from tipping over with righty in her own style. It’s challenging for her to open her right hand wide enough to hold a cup of that size so she sort of braces her thumb and other fingers to keep it from tipping over. I read a really interesting essay today on Adaptation versus Innovation by a college student who is a stroke survivor.  It’s on the Children’s Hemiplegia and Stroke Association blog. Last summer when Mia would eat ice cream from a cup, she would get her right hand really messy before she had refined this strategy she is using in the picture below. I suggested that she switch hands and use righty to hold the spoon while holding the cup with lefty. That was much tidier and she has enough control to use righty to scoop ice cream and eat it. But, recently when I suggested the same strategy, she had an emphatic, “No, mommy. I don’t want to do it that way.” After reading the essay on Adaptation versus Innovation, I’m more inclined to let her continue to figure out what works for her as she’s the expert on how it feels. And, so what if we have messy clothes for a few more months or years while she sorts it out.


For historical reference, here are shots of Zoe from her brunches in May of 2010, 2011, and 2012.




This post is part of my streak of posts in the month of May to spread awareness about pediatric stroke. If you’re able, please consider donating to support Children’s Hemiplegia and Stroke Association.

5 thoughts on “Preschool Brunch Tradition

  1. Kate Duval

    Mara, I cannot get over how grown up Mia is looking at her brunch! You’re all so happy in these pictures–hope all is well!


    1. mara Post author

      Thanks Katie. She is quite grown up all of a sudden, very much closer to 4 than 3 now.

  2. Kate Schneider

    What great pictures, and a great blog, Mara! I miss running into you at CoF, but I see Mia all the time on the playground when I drop Julia off in the morning. 🙂

    1. mara Post author

      Thanks Kate. Will Julia be in Cubs next year with Mia? If so, we’ll get to see you more!

      1. Kate Schneider

        Julia is signed up for 5 days, so hopefully she’ll be a Cub. They may have to do 2 5-day preK classes next year….TBD. 🙂

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