Playing Piano with Right Hemiplegia

Imagine that you are learning to play piano and your left hand and fingers seem to follow your brain’s plan with ease but your right hand and fingers do not. So it is for Mia, practicing playing piano. She uses her left hand to help position the fingers of her right hand on the keys. Messages travel fairly effectively to Thumbkin and Pointer on Righty but the other three fingers are much tougher to control. Mia was five years old at the time of this picture. More recently, she tried ukulele, but that’ll be another post.

One thought on “Playing Piano with Right Hemiplegia

  1. Eran Tal

    So cool to see Mia playing the Piano, and 3(?) years ago too – can’t wait for the Ukulele story. Our 4 year old Ozzy loves his Uke, and while Righty is always getting more capable, for now he mostly uses it to support the Ukelele and strums with his left.

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